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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Your trusted partner for all your commercial electrical needs

With a team of skilled and certified electricians, we specialize in delivering top-notch electrical solutions that keep your business running smoothly. Whether you’re looking to build new, upgrade your existing electrical systems, maintain them, or need emergency repairs, we are here to provide dependable and efficient services tailored to your business requirements.
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Commercial Services

  • What we offer

    1. Electrical System Installations

    We work closely with electrical engineers to design and then install comprehensive electrical systems for commercial buildings. Our services include planning, layout, power distribution, lighting, HVAC system wiring, and more. All while maintaining an emphasis on NEC requirements and local building codes and amendments.
  • What we offer

    2. Energy Efficiency Solutions

    Focused on optimizing energy usage within commercial properties. This service assesses current systems, offering recommendations and implementing energy-efficient solutions such as LED lighting retrofits / upgrades, occupancy sensors, and power management systems to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  • What we offer

    3. Backup Power Generators

    Commercial backup generator solutions offer an unmatched reliability for businesses. Investing in an efficient commercial-grade generator with an automatic transfer switch ensures seamless power continuity- even in the event of an unexpected outage.
  • What we offer

    4. Plan and Spec Installations

    If you have already partnered with a design team, we can complete installations based on drawings that have already been stamped and approved. Adherence to all National Electric Code requirements and job specifications is a part of our standard daily practice.
  • What we offer

    5. Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems

    Offering electrical services for the installation and integration of new and existing fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems including all electrical piping, wiring, and terminations for associated devices. Our team has over 10 years of experience working with, installing, and expanding fire alarm and fire suppression systems. We work closely with local “parts and smarts” organizations to provide fully functional systems on a regular basis including air sampling systems, clean agent releasing systems, and standard alarm and detection systems.
  • What we offer

    6. Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services

    Providing ongoing maintenance and repair services for electrical systems in commercial settings. This includes troubleshooting, repairs, scheduled preventive maintenance, and upgrades to existing electrical devices and infrastructure to prevent downtime and ensure smooth operation.
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Network Electric Solutions is committed to providing the North Denver Metro and Northern Colorado businesses and homes with reliable, safe, and efficient electrical solutions.


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