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Residential service

Expert Residential Electricians for North Denver Metro and Northern Colorado Homes

Excellence in Every Project: Our highly skilled and professional team not only demonstrates standout expertise, but also infuses every job — from service changes and panel upgrades to electric vehicle charger installation and new electrical design-build projects — with unwavering dedication and care. Expect nothing less than top-notch performance, knowledge, and the highest level of energy in each project we undertake.
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Residential Services

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    1. Service Changes

    Navigating the process of updating your meter and panel can often be overwhelming. Whether your goal is to enhance your home's appeal for a future sale or simply to refresh and modernize your systems, our expert team is here to guide you safely and efficiently through every step of the process.
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    2. Service Upgrades

    Adding extra loads like hot tubs, vehicle chargers, or remodeling projects necessitate a panel upgrade. With our highly skilled team, this upgrade doesn't have to be daunting. You can rely on our trusted professionals to assist you in achieving your goals efficiently and smoothly.
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    3. Remodels & Renovations

    Lighting and power upgrades can significantly elevate your home's value. By implementing electrical improvements in additions, remodeling projects, or basement finishes, you can transform your living space, giving it a fresh and revamped ambiance.
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    4. EV Charger Installation

    Simplify your electric vehicle charging experience with our professional installation services. Whether you've already purchased a charger or need our guidance to find the perfect fit, we're here to ensure a seamless setup tailored to your needs.
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    5. Hot Tub Installations

    With our proficient hot tub installation services, transform your space into the ultimate haven for relaxation. By hiring a professional electrician, you'll ensure safety, optimal performance, and compliance with electrical standards, giving you peace of mind as you indulge in the soothing comforts of your personal retreat.
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    6. Custom Design Build

    Our services cater to customized electrical solutions, spanning across residential, commercial, and industrial requirements. With a dedicated focus on each unique project, we ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.
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    7. Residential Backup Generators and Transfer Switches

    There's no substitute for the peace of mind delivered by a reliable backup power system. Equip your property with an automatic backup generator, and enjoy the assurance of an uninterrupted power supply. The moment a power outage occurs, your generator springs into action, providing seamless power without considerable delay. Irrespective of your location or the prevailing conditions, your home continues to function without hindrance.
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Network Electric Solutions is committed to providing the North Denver Metro and Northern Colorado businesses and homes with reliable, safe, and efficient electrical solutions.


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